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Veli-Jussi Jalkanen,
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How to treat depression yourself

Depression and melancholy are a huge problem that concerns both economy and health.

Depressed people do not usually realize that the problem may be due to their chaotic brain biochemistry, which can be influenced a lot.

The fact is that the current way of life and the most common patterns of consumption and using one’s free time are very bad for the mental health. All mental health professionals should advise people to abandon them.

With good and healthy mental health habits depression can be avoided even in difficult life situations. This knowledge is lost to us.

Partly because doctors consider medication almost the sole treatment for depression. Studies show that the effect of antidepressants for depression is lousy. Often they generate more problems than they solve.

According to a Dutch expert professor antidepressants help in only 1/10 cases of severe depression, patients with mild or moderate depression practically never benefit from them.

E.g, there was a youngish woman on a Finnish TV program who had been so heavily medicated that she was retired. Only when, despite the opposition from doctors, she stopped using drugs, she was cured and returned from her pension to work.

One’s mood can be effectively improved by combining the following things: go to bed early and sleep at least 7 hours, eat fish oil (Omega 3) 2g / day, do not eat sugar, use a lot of fibers, use turmeric daily with a dash of black pepper, do not follow bad news or violent entertainment at all, limit screen time clearly, move a couple of times a day, part of which outdoors, read positive books, meet friends, follow culture and listen to good music, take a pet.

The best and almost the only carer of your mental health is you yourself.