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Veli-Jussi Jalkanen,
Sitting Health Expert

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About the measures to support child protection

The most effective support for child protection would be to decrease the alcohol consumption to less than 7 l / person.

Alcohol problems cause the greatest needs for child protection.

Alcohol consumption will be reduced briskly by implementing these tools: import for private consumption to be controlled by determining the "private comsumption” as 2 l of alcohol, alcohol to be removed from all sporting events where there may be minors, a complete ban on alcohol advertising, all 12-packs and other large cases to be banned, medium strength beer to be diluted to 3.5 per cent, as they did in Sweden, no alcohol expenses to be tax-deductible in company taxation, shops that sell alcohol to minors to be closed for 12 months.

Alcohol causes 14.5 billion € expenses, i.e. twice the amount ot the sustainability gap, and burdens public healthcare in a disproportionate way, and causes a huge amount of anxiety, worry and trauma for children.

To continue this kind of slack alcohol policy makes no sense in any respect.