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Veli-Jussi Jalkanen,
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Sports training managament lacks information on nutritional therapy

Apparently, the Finnish sports training management has poor knowledge of one sector of training

That is nutritional therapy and specifically therapy-type use of nutrients and thousands of bioactive substances they produce as maximizers of performance, immune response and mood.

That Finnish expertise is backward can be deduced from the fact that people get sick so often, their mood and energy levels are not in top condition in competition days.

It is a question of the expertise of a large biochemical field, in which it is understood that various activating substances have impact on the body's hormone production and on the quantity and quality of intestinal bacteria optimization, which in turn affects the effectivity of the brain, the mood, immune response, sleep, etc.

After looking at many sporting directors’ waistline and eye bags one can only conclude that they are not familiar with even the most primitive health issues.