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About preventing ilnesses

Finland should move from expensive medical care policy to active policy of prevention

It's interesting why Finland does not implement an active policy of prevention, but an expensive medical care policy.

The reason is probably that politicians apparently do not dare to understand or have a different opinion than the pharmaceutical industry leash doctors who impose medicines for every patient and believe that  the natural prevention treatments and lifestyle choices are a hoax or belief care alternatives.

Doctors, pharmacies, clinics and other such powerful parties who live at the expense of illnesses do not want a healthy nation, but an even more sick one, because this generates net sales growth and profit. Germany, where natural medicine is popular and well known, is number one in economic comparison.

If politicians would sometimes get a grip of themselves and think rationally, we could save billions of public health expenditure. It would need, for example, actually consumption-reducing tobacco and alcohol laws, a brisk sugar and junk food tax, the lower sodium levels in food, better health education in schools and for catering chefs, a better educated and really health oriented prenatal care system, a genuinely preventively oriented public health instead instead of what the current and partially corrupt THL and TTL, a reformed medical training free from the impact of pharmaceutical industry, a full deduction for all business activities which they perform to improve the health of their staff, an effective health Act instead of the current formal one as well as a renewed council of nutrition recommendation to replace the current one which is controlled by the food industry.

The most effective solution would be to impose a health tax, e.g. 5 %, which should have a progressive discount if you show with self-financed tests that your fat percentage, blood pressure, oxygen uptake, blood sugar and liver values are in good. Euro would be an effective advisors.

The means exist. If only the decision-makers had understanding, courage and firmness to be on the side of the people and political economy.