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Veli-Jussi Jalkanen,
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About Finland`s new alcohol policy

There are ways to attack the growing alcohol consumption

It is certain that the alcohol consumption would fall at some point if there was a full advertising ban, sales of 12-packs were prohibited, alcohol couldn’t be sold at sports events or drank in public places and alcohol was not tax-deductible. There would be fewer new drunks. Yet everybody could go and buy their intoxicant.

Tobacco and alcohol as harmful intoxicants should be treated equally. Why doesn’t this happen?

If we want a more liberal alcohol policy, that according to all studies will increase consumption and thus also disadvantages, how much higher alcohol bill are we ready to pay?

According to the Ministry or Social Affairs and Health it will be 14.5 billion, or approximately € 2.500 / person. How much more are we ready to pay?

How to treat the children's and other people’s suffering and traumas who live and work with heavy-users? There will be tens of thousands more of them each year.

Do we want this nowadays more and more because of entertainment and dependence?

To whose shoulders are the politicians going to place the responsibility for this?