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Veli-Jussi Jalkanen,
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Sugar is dangerous in many ways

Scandinavians were slim 20 years ago, but not anymore.

Those overweight people who don’t know about sugar or the ones responsible for children's foods should read pediatrician Dr Robert Lustig’s popularization of sugar: The Hidden Truth About Sugar, Obesity and Diseases.

People's ignorance and lack of awareness encourages industry to add hidden sugar in various foods more and more. Now almost every ready-to-eat food contains sugar. Sugar is sold under more than 40 names, which the man in the street doesn’t even recognize as sugar. The portions of comfort food containing sugar continue to grow.

Sugar causes all kinds of direct and indirect health effects, also the wrong kind of bacterial flora in the intestine and is also involved in a very common hypothyroidism. Such a person gets easily cold, tends to gain weight, is feeling low and lacks energy. There are so many people suffering from this.

The intestinal bacteria that is used to consuming sugar will make a lot of noise if they do not get their food; and it is also unfortunate that the size of portions tends to increase all the time.

Therefore, the Finns eat sugar 3-4 times more than WHO recommends, and their recommendations are based on solid research.

The food industry likes news that concentrate on trends and feeling good. The more favorable (read: ignorant) the atmosphere is, and the more issues are viewed from the perspective of pleasure, the more we are fed hidden sugar. This way the consumption of "entertainment and comfort food” will increase, naturally at the expense of our health, weight and self-esteem.

When children are gaining weight and losing a large part of their future and quality of life, who is responsible? Is it the parents, the industry or the pharmaceutical industry, which for its part, of course, tries to promote the consumption of sugar to increase its sales.