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Veli-Jussi Jalkanen,
Sitting Health Expert

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Eat enough fiber at breakfast

Even more important than eating is to drink a lot of water, which helps the body to transfer waste into intestine and urine. Breakfast, 1-2 hours after drinking the water, is also a great place to start eating good fiber, which also speeds up the activity of the bowel.

The amount of fiber from the usual food is totally inadequate for one's health. We receive a large number of health benefits if we learn to eat 50-100 g of fiber a day (it was 100-150 g in the Stone Age, and our intestine was develeoped accordingly), instead of the current less than 15 g.

The best, fast, cheap and easy breakfast is a smoothie made of soaked seeds (flax, hemp, etc.), sugar-free berries and fruit (plums bring sweetness and good fiber), it is also rich in vitamins. It is also good to add some very nutritious ingredients that contain a lot or antioxidants, and eat your morning supplements with it.

Whether you are hungry in the morning depends a lot on at what time you ate the previous evening. There is a lot of evidence (supported by well-known physiological knowledge) that the time between the evening meal and breakfast should be 13, even 15 hours. Then it is reasonable to stop eating around 7 pm and start at 8 am by drinking water. This provides a number of really valuable health effects, such as effective weight management.

The vitally important brisk intestinal activity can be supported during the day by drinking often, eating a lot of fiber at all meals, taking breaks from sitting and moving about, and sitting actively on a two-part saddle chair that adapts to your movements and thus also activates the intestinal functions.