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Veli-Jussi Jalkanen,
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About maintaining a healthy brain

A holistic approach in taking care of brain health is a key factor for success also for professional athletes

The collapse of the level of Tiger Woods and Roger Federer's "game" (in spite of a good start) have elements in common. This phenomenon occurs especially in the final stages of tournaments.

The common explanatory factor is the brain nerve fatigue that happens during the game situation. It's part of the progressive degeneration of the brain. It can begin as early as after the age of 30. If it progresses rapidly throughout mid-life, one is eventually likely to fall ill with a memory disorder.

Besides the slowing down of reaction and precision operations, generalization of tactical errors is also part of this phenomenon. Before the onset of memory disorders changes in behavior and personality occur.  In addition to sports performance monitoring, anyone can detect these changes in aging people they know.

Many factors impact the aging and health of the brain. The most important of them include stress, nutrients and toxins (such as heavy metals) that accumulate in the brain.

Adequate fiber intake in terms of intestinal health, avoidance of pharmaceuticals and good sleep are of key importance in the prevention of the phenomenon. To be healthy the brain also needs intellectual stimulation (excess causes stress) and physical activity. Humor, social relations as well as many brain-acting medicinal herbs and spices health also act as protection factors.

Fast carbs, which strongly affect blood glucose levels, fatten people and degenerate the brain. A pillow that presses the neck, harms the fluid circulation and the recovery of the brain during sleep. Also, a traditional round-shouldered sitting posture causes neck muscle tension and reduction of blood flow to the veins of the neck. As a result, the brain does not receive enough oxygen and nutrients. A divided saddle seat, height-adjustable table and eye-level monitors prevent this.

The brain power of 30-40-year-old athletes could be maintained primarily by avoiding excessive stress and hurry, sleeping well, with a brain healthy fiber-containing diet and expertise in the use of some effective medicinal plants. Unfortunately, this knowledge is still in very few coaches bag of tricks.