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Are nutritional supplements beneficiary?

Many would benefit from additional vitamin D and folic acid

There are more than 12 studies about vitamin D that indisputably show that the safe and healthy blood level of vitamin D, 120-150 nmol / l, is obtained on a holiday in sun. To reach that in winter you need to take 100-150 mcg vitamin D pills. Even a diet rich in vitamin D only gives you 5-10 mcg.

Finland is not known to have any vitamin D poisoning cases in decades but thousands of people e.g. break their bones every year. Vitamin D deficiency is a main factor for osteoporosis, from which most Finns suffer.

The vitamin D recommendations in Sweden are even lower than in Finland. There also osteoporosis is twice as common as in Finland. 30 % of women will get a sudden and unforeseeable osteoporotic bone fracture due to the lack of vitamin D.

Vitamin D is a steroid hormone that affects favorably more than a thousand genes and improves health in dozens of different ways. It is just stupid not to take it.

In addition to vitamin D deficiency the Finns suffer from shortcomings in the levels of folic acid, magnesium, zinc, copper, and omega 3 fats.

E.g. the national recommendation for taking folic acid is 300 mcg / day. England is the only country in Europe where this is in line with the recommendation of biochemistry, namely 800 mcg. There the government also makes sure that people receive 800 mcg by adding folic acid to flour. England is the only country in Europe where the memory diseases are on the decline. The connection is obvious.

The Finnish system does not recommend folic acid even for pregnant women, whose need from the the point of view of the fetus’s brain health is the most urgent. Completely irresponsible, such as the activities of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare often are.