Brain cell renewal and brain rehabilitation

It is common knowledge that the brain can grow new cells.

Dr Daniel Amen, one of the leading brain experts in the USA, has shown with pictures of his patients’ brains, taken before and after the brain health program, how brain tissue has grown back to its normal form. His lecture on this is on Youtube.

The level of brain health corresponds to the person’s lifestyle, with a number of impressive facts that he tells about in the lecture.

One of the brain health factors is the level of cerebral circulation. If we move little and spend oour days in slouched positions with tense neck muscles, and sleep so that the pillow presses the neck and large veins, we have more risk factors than those that exercise a lot and sit in good posture (on a two-part swinging saddle chair), as well as use a pillow that is slim and sturdy.

Good fats for the brain (Omega3, natural hard fats, olive oil), avoiding body inflammation (especially in the intestine), normal blood sugar level, brain-activating hobbies, avoiding toxic substances, and many other factors together determine how quickly our brains are deteriorating.

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