How to boost your metabolism

Muscles consume much more energy than fat, so big muscles are important. Low-impact exercise doesn’t grow muscles, but strength training does.

Also the activity of the thyroid gland is essential to metabolism. If the thyroid gland is active, the person is energetic, active and slim, and the hands and feet are warm. Lack of selenium and iodine causes hypothyroidism. Obesity, melancholy, slow bowel functions, cold hands and feet, and lack of energy are typical symptoms of hypothyroidism. Seaweed eliminates the deficiencies of iodine and hazelnut those of selenium. Large quantities of iron, magnesium, zinc and vitamin D are also needed.

Lack of sleep makes one slow and powerless, and there is no energy for brisk movements or work. It also increases blood sugar level and hence weight, which increases fatigue.

When you eat starchy carbohydrates, blood sugar easily rises above the normal (6.5) level and then energy is stored as fat. The scarcity of starchy and sugary carbs prevent this harmful process, and also the general ailments and inflammation of the bowel.

Fiber-poor diet slows down bowel movements, interferes with the immune response and the secretion of hormones, thus indirectly resulting in passivity.

Sitting on a two-part swinging saddle chair in a good posture deepens your breathing, speeds up bowel functions, improves cerebral circulation, increases micro circulation especially in the lower limbs, and thus speeds up the overall metabolism.

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