How to solve the problem of restlessness in schools

The basic problem in a restless school class is noise, over-excitement and restlessness, perhaps partly also a lack of discipline and respect for the teacher.

Research has clearly shown that food with a high glycemic index and additives (fast carbohydrates and food additives), lack of sleep, poor entertainment, cell phone addiction and lack of exercise cause restlessness and hyperactivity, and thus almost wasted classes and a serious decrease in the level of learning.

The same high blood sugar that causes hyperactivity in children also produces overweight and fatty liver, and thus unfairly ruins the future health of an innocent child.

The solution is not to diagnose the most troubled part of the class as ADHD children, put them on medication, hire more school aides and allocate time for medical treatment.

The sustainable, economic and best solution is that, with the cooperation of the whole society, schools and homes, it is decided to fix children’s nutrition and lifestyles.

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