Is posture really important?

Musculoskeletal problems have become the number one reason for early retirement. Most of them (estimated at 6,000 – 7,000 pcs/year) are due to sitting, i.e. the decay caused by a bad sitting position.

Bad posture will therefore be super expensive for society, companies, and people. More money is spent on painkillers than buying furniture. Approximately 20,000 lower back surgeries are performed per year in  Finland, costing approx. €15,000 + follow-up costs. About 800,000 people suffer from lower back pain every day.

The main reason for the degeneration of the lower back is sitting with a rounded back, when the back joints are “open”, the ligaments and small muscles are stretched, the discs are subjected to one-sided decaying pressure, the facet joints of the back are without work and the long back muscles become passive and overstretched.

Good posture according is just as important when sitting for long periods of time as it is when walking or standing, where incorrect postures soon lead to problems.

Even when sitting, the best position is a standing/walking posture achieved without support, where the tissues of the back,  and fluid circulation work normally, i.e. naturally, thus maintaining health and functional ability.

In good posture, the function of the intestines and lungs is significantly better. The best way to achieve this is with a swinging and anatomically shaped saddle chair with the middle gap, which supports the sit bones well and whose middle gap gives important space for the pubic bone and coccyx, pelvic floor tissues, and genitals.

The rocking mechanism produces a subtle but important micro-movement in the entire back and pelvis, increasing important fluid circulation (oxygen and nutrient supply!) to the supporting tissues.

The low testosterone level and poor sperm quality that plague many men are logically due to the pressure of sitting on the pelvic floor, which blocks the veins and causes a dangerous scrotum in them, i.e. blood vessel damage. These important pudendal veins also provide erection.

When sitting on a saddle chair, the usual and disease-causing pressure in the inner pelvis is also not created, which prevents many vital problems. Almost half of men’s cancers are in the internal pelvic organs that are predisposed to sitting pressure. In addition to cancers, there are a large number of other diseases.

Because of the posture, the heights of the table and monitors are important, as well as clothing that does not compress. Movement included in the working day is of course also super important, which can be implemented with “roll & reach”, “walk & talk”, “sit & swing” and “stand & type” functions. Since the joints of the legs do not like standing, it should be done in short bursts and no more than 30% of the working time.

The consequences of the mechanism of good sitting are science/fact-based, which should be addressed as soon as possible before the smartphone generation begins to age with all its expensive and quality-of-life-destroying ailments.







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