Why are men doing badly

One thing that affects self-esteem is certainly too little parental closeness and affection as a child. The parents’ abscence during work and the kindergarten years have both taken their toll, in addition to the fact that many parents have spent a lot of time in their own hobbies, in bars and in front of the TV. When children born in the age of smartphones get older, the situation will only get worse.

The second is that the boys get too little encouraging and accepting time together with their father, and they donm`t receive good examples from their fathers of a working man’s way of life. Technology has deprived men of natural physical work that would have strengthened the muscles. Only a minority has learned to compensate for this with sufficient exercise. Also, a sedentary lifestyle with habitually bad posture and harmful pelvic pressure has weakened men’s health and the musculoskeletal system.

Industrialized, i.e. low-fiber and low-nutrition, processed food has weakened men’s intake of brain nutrients that are important for mental health. This kind of diet has been shown to cause overweight, which weakens mental health. Again, only a minority has learned to calculate the missing omegas, vitamin D, etc. and take them, and add  enough fiber to the diet.

The relative cheapness and easy availability of alcohol and the resulting excessive consumption are behind many men’s poor mental health. Living alone and the waning of association activities and the spirit of working together have made many men lonely.

Our public health should consider the factors behind men’s mental health and develop solutions for them, solutions do exist. Otherwise, the situation will only get worse.

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