Benefits of Salli

The key health effects of Salli Saddle Chair, preventing:

  1. Good posture that prevents
    – Spinal issues and muscle tension in the neck, shoulders and lower back
    – Poor blood circulation to the brain and eyes
    – Shallow breathing
    – Weaker intestinal function
  2. Better pelvic health, as the gap in the middle of the seat prevents the formation of pressure that can affect the organs within the pelvis
  3. Enhanced genital health, as the gap keeps the genital area dry, avoiding sweating and sitting pressure
  4. Improved hip and knee joint health at a 135-degree angle, reducing pressure on the joints and avoiding sitting directly on the thighs
  5. Increased activity in the core, pelvis, and legs combats the negative effects of immobility and the resulting slow fluid circulation. Stretching and rolling on the Salli chair are easy and enjoyable, promoting movement and tissue health.

Better health and higher productivity by sitting right!

Back problems are the most common cause of sick leaves in the world today, causing much suffering. The causes are many and varied, but our increasingly sedentary lifestyle is a major contributing factor.
In the traditional 90-degree sitting the vertebrae and disks are incorrectly loaded. They are pressed together in the front, and the back muscles and ligaments are constantly stretched. This results in poor circulation, weak muscles, and an increased risk of back aches, lumbago and herniated disk. We are not in balance, which means that we are looking for something to lean on. Blood circulation works poorly and can lead to serious health conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and stroke.

Sitting on a two-part Salli saddle chair both prevents and rehabilitates back problems

Salli Saddle Chair offers you an unburdened, standing-like, and active way to sit in balance, giving rise to several other health factors that keep you alert and creative.
On Salli you sit in an upright vertical position where we are at our strongest, both physically and mentally. The pelvis is in its neutral upright position and the spine holds up the upper body. The muscles are relaxed and you are in balance.
The disks are evenly loaded, and the small movements you make when, e.g., turning or reaching for things activate and thus strengthen your back and core muscles – all the while sitting in a good, upright posture. Circulation remains undisturbed the whole day.
Also, a variety of other health factors kick in, such as deeper breathing that keeps energy levels high, and well-functioning digestion. Good posture also results in mental strength, creativity and better concentration ability.

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The optimally and ergonomically designed two-part seat is the prerequisite for being able to sit in good posture and have undisturbed circulation. There is neither heat nor harmful pressure on the pelvic floor and genital area, and thus no need to lean away from that and end up in a slouched position.

Physiotherapist explains why Salli is the best choice

There is a Salli for everyone – choose from several models and price categories.