Male genital health

Decline in live semen quantity is about 60 % in European men in 40 years. Poor genital health seems to have become a major and worsening epidemic around the world. The sperm count drops 1-3 % a year. Erectile dysfunctions appear as much as in 40 % of 40-year and in 50 % of 50-year old men occasionally or chronically.

Picture: Testicle. Sperm and testosterone producing areas in the middle.

Significantly less testosterone is produced in men all over the world now, than decades ago. The decline is roughly the same as with the semen quality.
This vital masculine hormone, manufactured in the testicles, keeps up the muscle size and condition and memory in the long run, sexual capabilities, and the masculine characters like determination and firmness. Testosterone is also needed to maintain the memory in the middle and later.

Prostate overgrowth (almost all have it past 60 years of age) cause uncomfortable nuisance of frequent toileting and is often the pathway to the prostate cancer. Prostate cancer (every sixth man gets it) strike fear into the middle-aged men. Ailments are often kept secret because of their private and awkward nature.

Fortunately, the topic of internal pelvic and genital health is becoming more known by both men and women. These problems are not invincible, and men can reduce these risks by smart choices.

Our modern way of life is clearly disastrous to the genital health. For millions of years the male genitalia enjoyed a free and cool environment without pressing and hot clothes, with a lot of movement, ventilation and free blood and lymph circulation without any pressure. Modern clothing trends, prolonged time spent sitting, the overall poor nutrition, and condition of the circulatory system all reduce healthy metabolism in genitals.

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