Modern trousers are usually too tight and dense and become much tighter when you sit down. Clothing designers have not been paying attention to the needs of male anatomy and physiology. The penis and testicles are designed to be free, cool, hanging, and moving with the rhythm of the thigh movements in walking. This is logically important to genital health. The healthiest thing is to be at home nude or wear a minimum amount of cool clothing.

Trousers´ seams get tighter when sitting down traditionally. This pressure disturbs nerve functions and the sensitive but vital circulation into the genitalia. Underwear increases the pressure too, plus the temperature is well over the optimum +33°C. In sitting the genitals descend between the thighs (instead of naturally healthy hanging and moving in front) which increases the pressure, temperature, and immobility. To prevent all this, men should use loose underwear (boxer shorts) loose pants, divided saddle chair, and stand a lot.

The best would be to live without underwear at all. Men have no practical purpose for underwear except for hygiene. A very healthy hygiene habit is to wash the anal area after toileting. After experimenting health-oriented men at least will be thrilled by the clean, loose, airy, and comfortable underwear-free feeling. After a short adaptation period, there is no feeling of cold either because the genitals are abundant in blood circulation.

One cause (there are others too) of deterioration of the sperm is the rise of the temperature of the testicles up to +37°C because of using ordinary underwear and trousers. The optimal physiological temperature for the testes is 33°C. The testes have four separate mechanisms trying to keep this normal and healthy temperature. Normal clothing and sitting habits eliminate them all.

Straight pants are not too tight when you are standing… …but once you sit down, the harmful pressure is evident (same pants.)