Endocrine distraction and damage

There are large number of industrial, unnatural chemicals (BPA, Bisphenol A from food cans and plastics plus numerous phthalates from plastics etc., glyphosate / roundup, anti-flame chemicals, antibacterial chemicals etc.) which can act like hormones in human (male + female) body. They may cause lifelong irreversible damage for a genital and sexual health of a fetus during its early weeks.

One sign of this is AGD (Anal – Genital – Distance = space between the anus and genitals) which is shorter on such individuals which have been affected. They also have genital health illnesses more than the healthy ones. Endocrine damage also effects, through the hormonal mechanisms, on sexual orientation and typical sexual features and character permanently in the first few weeks of pregnancy and also in the sensitive growing years of the teens.