All sort of exercise revives the circulation, also in the genitals. It is easy to increase the amount of exercise in everyday life. There are always stairs to take or places to walk to, things to carry, yards to clean up and housework to do manually. Learn to recognize and utilize every little possibility for exercise. When doing yard work, leave the machinery in the shed and do the chores manually with good tools, make it feel like you are exercising and breathe rhythmically. In addition, the selection of actual sports is endless.

It is very useful for men to enforce their pelvic floor muscles and the muscle that is around the root of the penis, i.e. the lowest part of penis. The Pudendal nerve that controls the pelvic floor also controls the penis. This means that conscious increasing of the muscle contraction in the pelvic floor also contracts the muscles in the penis. This tension (5–7 seconds at the time, 10 times in each training session) will enforce the muscles, increase the circulation and improve the nerve functions. This all is beneficial to the operation and health of the rectum, and enforces the capacity for better and stronger erection.

Cycling, dressage riding or sitting on one-part saddle chairs are not recommended for men if the saddle is causing any pressure on the root of the penis. Unfortunately bicycle saddles always cause more or less pressure. If one has any problems with erection, it’s smart not to bicycle but find other exercises.

Stress and alcohol weaken erection fast. Many medicines also have similar side effects.

Smoking shrinks the arteries and veins, also in the genitals.

The effects of bad lifestyle decisions increase as we age. It is important to be aware of the fact that the vitality of the genitalia cannot be improved in just a few days, which means one should start taking care of the matter already in youth.