Food and nutritional supplements

Good nutrition keeps all vessels flexible, plaque free and liquids running fluently. High hemoglobin (thick blood) and high cholesterol levels also weaken the circulation into the genitalia. Junk food and processed food are the worst choice.

A diet rich in fiber (about 100 g/day), cold-pressed Omega-3 oils, vegetables, berries, fruit, and whole grain products are beneficial. Natural compounds that support erectile functions can be found in nuts, pollen and seeds. Tomato and cabbages are known to prevent prostate problems. Green tea and pomegranate prevent prostate cancer.

Hormone researchers have found out that chemical residue from the fields (herbicides and pesticides) alone, or in conjunction with compounds of certain plastics (phthalates, DPA), may cause hormonal imbalance (disturbed production of testosterone) in males as early as in the fetal stage. This is also found to be one reason behind the reduced quality of sperm and testicular diseases. Enlightened mothers and smart men store their food in glass containers and eat organic or “chemically clean” food. Also, the use of cosmetics during pregnancy increases risks of hormonal disturbances at least in the male fetuses.

There are several so called super foods, some of which have been proved to increase one’s libido. These are, for example, dark chocolate, pollen, ashwagandha, goji berries, maca and some other tropical fruit and berries.

Good and healthy food with fiber content higher than 50 g/day, result in better intestine activity which in turn keeps the diameter of the rectum smaller. Enlarged rectum presses the bladder and the prostate thus increasing known health risks.

Nutritional supplements

Modern common nutrition is unavoidably insufficient, since most of the food comes from depleted fields or totally artificial and poor growing environments (greenhouses). The normal daily intake of nutrients from the food is generally well under the optimum (the minimum or “recommended” levels are a completely different matter).

Optimum nutrition level is very helpful. One can achieve that by taking a broad spectrum multi-vitamin and mineral capsule twice a day. Men should have their vitamin D level over 120–150 nmol/l (need to take 100–150 mcg /day), and take vitamin E at least 50 mg, vitamin C 0,5 – 6 g, magnesium (Mg) 600 mg, zinc (Zn) 15 mg, copper 1/10 part of Zn, selenium (Se) 200 mcg, and strong multi-B vitamins including 1 mg of B12 in mouth melting form.

On days when you are not eating fish, it is wise to take 2- 4 g Omega 3 in fish-oil capsules. In the long run, this will keep the heart, brain, joints, veins and arteries in better condition all over the body and prevent number of problems and inflammation.

Guarana (Paullinia cupana) from Brazilian rain forests and Muira puama (Ptychopetalum olacoides = virility tree) are known to be good in erectile problems, and liquid shark fin extract is known to have preventive effect on prostate cancer.

Supplement critics should think about why all breeding stallions (and other livestock as well) are given a fair vitamin-mineral portion every day. The normal food is just not good enough.