Other aspects

Stress and alcohol weaken the erection fast. Many medicines have similar side effects.

Smoking shrinks the arteries and veins, also in the genitals.

The effects of bad life style decisions increase as we age. It is important to be aware of the fact that the vitality of the genitalia cannot be improved in just a few days, which means one should start taking care of the matter already in youth. Uncertainty of one’s erection will debilitate it even more. If caught in the cycle of using medication to treat the erectile dysfunctions, a man’s self-respect may crumble and the addiction to the drug become even stronger.

The connection between mental balance and health is under-acknowledged, but significant. There are many ways of improving genital and sexual health, but one of the most important ones is a supportive, warm, uninhibited, open, approving and sexually active relationship that is not based on love-making skills only, but also on warm friendship.


Overweight seems to have strong connection with declined testosterone levels through several mechanisms. Adopting slim way of life with LCHD (Low Carbone Hydrate Diet) is the best way to deal with this.


Several pharmaceutical medicines have been proven to decline the testosterone, maybe the sperm quality as well. It’s smart to take medications as carefully as possible and avoid them unless quite necessary. It’s also smart to find out about the testosterone side effects from various sources before eating any.