We sit on top of the vessels that lead to the genitals, which surely is not good for the circulation or nerve functions. You can shut down a vein from the back of your hand by pressing it very slightly. The total weight of the whole upper body easily closes down a large number of vessels, preventing circulation in the thighs, buttocks, pelvic floor and genitals. Also the nerve functions are disturbed.

A good chair supports the upper body from the bones, not from the muscles. The back portion of the male pubic bone is directly under the hip. In order to prevent this bone from shutting down the main arteries and nerves of the genitals, men tilt their hip back unconsciously, which results in the lumbar vertebrae being in a harmful position as the lower back is rounded, not curved as it should be.

Picture: Male genital vessels, side and back view.

When sitting on a regular padded chair, the padding causes pressure on the soft tissues through the pelvic opening, creating a pressure field inside the body in the pelvis in the “pelvic bowl”. If the situation continues for a long time (as it does with people doing sedentary work), this pressure, increased temperature and the loss of circulation that comes from it, will stress the organs inside the pelvis (bladder, prostate, colon, and rectum) and predispose them to several illnesses, such as cancer. Almost half of all the cancers among men are those in the genitals and inner pelvic area, which is less than one liter (1/5 US gallon) by cubic. In addition, every time we sit, our trousers tighten up in the thigh, buttock, groin, and genital areas, which disturbs both the blood circulation and the very sensitive lymphatic system situated just under the skin and all around the internal organs in the pelvic bowl.

Reducing sitting is a good way to increase the circulation and decrease the excessive pelvic heat. I suggest standing 10–30 % of the office working time but in 15–20 min bits, watching TV by lying down on the carpet on one´s back with a pillow and pelvic floor pressure free and standing in the busses and trains.

Sitting in the conventional way also makes one slouch which in turn puts pressure on the intestine. This position makes the stomach muscles more passive. This all causes the flow of food slow down and packing in the lower part of the colon. The diameter of the colon increases because of the increased internal pressure and causes diverticulosis (= dangerous “pockets” in the colon wall). Thicker colon and rectum press the prostate and bladder.Poorly working colon can  “leak”  out toxic chemicals, which naturally irritate all organs nearby even more. Dense network of lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes around the intestine is designed to clean off all harmful biochemical from the abdominal cavity and the pelvic bowl.

Picture: The harmful sitting pressure is indicated by the colors green, yellow and red – red being the highest amount of pressure. 1) Conventional chair, harmful pressure everywhere. 2) Undivided saddle chair, harmful pressure on genitals. 3) Divided saddle chair, pressure safely on the sit bones.