Saddle chair is the best office chair to provide lumbar support

Ergonomics in office – how to find the best office chair

  • good posture
  • undisturbed circulation
  • effortless breathing

The ergonomic sitting position makes work more comfortable and helps you to stay energetic. In a well-balanced, upright position, you can breathe effortlessly and the brain gets enough oxygen to keep the energy level high. Good posture also means the natural position of the back: there is a small curve in the lower back and the position is not slouched. A separate back support is not needed, because the position of the back is the same as when standing.

The good position is also supported by an adjustable desk, so you can sometimes also stand while working. The sitting position on a saddle chair is higher than on a traditional office chair, so an adjustable table is a perfect pair for it. The top of the screen should be at the same level with your eyes so that bending the head won’t strain your neck vertebrae and muscles.

Woman sitting on an ergonomic work chair and working in home office

A good ergonomic office chair enables the upright position of the back.

How to choose an ergonomic work chair that provides lumbar support

Consider the following when choosing the best office chair for yourself. You can also try our Choose the Chair tool, which tells you, based on a few questions, which Salli Saddle Chair is the best choice for you.

  • How much do you sit during the day? If you sit all day, choose a comfortable leather-upholstered, padded saddle chair.
  • Want to add activity into your day? The swinging chair models help increase refreshing movement throughout the day. On Swing models you can also exercise actively and strengthen your core muscles.

The best office chair in the world – five reasons to choose Salli Saddle Chair

  1.  Two-part seat. Thanks to the gap in the middle of the seat, no harmful sitting pressure is applied to the pelvic area. The chair also doesn’t press against the genital area, so there’s no need to round your back away from the uncomfortable feeling of pressure. Sitting with your back round is detrimental, especially to the lower back, because then there is uneven pressure on the disks.
  2.  Anatomical design. The seat of Salli saddle chair is designed so that it disturbs blood circulation and metabolism as little as possible. The seat has a gentle recess under thighs, making it easy to keep your feet on the side of your body. In this position, the back is almost automatically in the correct position, unlike when the legs are in front of the body. See tips for how to sit right on a saddle chair.
  3.  Swinging motion. Swinging models make it easy to add movement to the day. Even the slightest movement refreshes the blood circulation and relaxes the muscles. Why not try Salli SwingFit and you’ll notice how your lower back is no longer stiff and tense.
  4. Good posture. Natural posture protects the back from, for example, prolapsed disk, neck and shoulder pain, and a stiff lower back. Read more: The effect of ergonomics on back health.
  5.  Ten year warranty. Salli Saddle Chairs are made to last. The seat frame is made of steel, and the upholstery is genuine leather or wool fabric. For these reasons, among others, a saddle chair is the best work chair for the home office.