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Adil Idrissi Akhelij

Export Manager, Europe (excl. Scandinavia), Africa, Middle East / English, French, Arabic

Sanna Hakala

Export Manager, Europe (excl. Scandinavia), Russia, Australia; M.Sc., Physiotherapist / English

Ramon Jansson

Export Manager, Netherlands; Physiotherapist / English, German

Sales and marketing

Henna Korhonen

Marketing Director

Anja-Riitta Saarinen

Sales Manager

Britta Lochbuehler

Sales Assistant

Niina Lyytinen

Sales and Marketing Assistant

Daniel Lundström

Key Account Manager, Sweden, Denmark

Maija Korpi

Key Account Manager, Finland; Physiotherapist

Veera Koppi

Key Account Manager, Finland; Physiotherapist

Saija Talsi

Key Account Manager, Salli Shop Manager / Mall of Tripla

Jaakko Väisänen


Administration and production

Niina Timonen

Executive Assistant

Marika Kiiveri

Finance Manager

Heidi Närhi

Financial Assistant

Netta Kettunen

Expo Manager

Virpi Hakala

Communications Manager

Victor Teplov

Product Development Manager

Jesse Nenonen

Production Supervisor


Niina Koponen

Managing director, CEO

Marie Jalkanen

Vice CEO, Physiotherapist

Veli-Jussi Jalkanen

Chairman of the Board CEO, Salli Hongkong LTD, Salli Shenzhen LTD