Take care of your Salli


Never place leather furniture closer than 20–30 cm to a radiator or in direct sunlight.

Vacuum clean leather often with a soft brush and, when necessary, clean any exposed surfaces, such as arm supports. For stains that are water-soluble, dampen the area and dry using a paper towel.

If you should get a stain that cannot be removed, never experiment with strong solvents or chemicals. The whole chair can be cleaned with Elmo cleaning foam and a sponge. Foam the leather, let the foam stay for a couple of minutes, and wipe away. Other conditioners and cleaning products meant specifically for leather can also be used.

Some dyed textiles might stain light-coloured leather.

More information on cleaning Elmosoft® leather

Artificial leather

  • Removing a spot as quickly as possible, makes it easier to clean
  • PUxx is a 100% waterproof product. Use the right way to upholstery and no moisture will enter the furniture
  • PUxx will retain its beautiful colour by wiping occasionally with a warm cloth, especially the parts that contact the body
  • PUxx can be easily cleaned and disinfected by almost any type of detergent such as ethanol (alcohol), hydrogen peroxide, and chlorine solutions. Follow the instructions of the manufacturer of the disinfectant
  • Never clean PUxx with solvents

More information on cleaning Jörgensen artificial leather

ESD artificial leather

Clean with lukewarm PH-neutral soapy water and a soft cloth or soft brush. Wipe dry with a damp cloth.

Wool fabric

Vacuum regularly. Wipe with a damp cloth using soap and water or use proprietary upholstery shampoo. For deeper cleaning use steam or professionally dry clean. More information on cleaning Camira Synergy wool fabrics.


Remove stains quickly by using slightly alkaline washing agents (max 5 % alcohol). Wipe the surface with a moist cloth and lukewarm water, and wipe dry if necessary. Do not use strong alkalis, or bleaches such as chlorite, acetone, xylene, or strong vinegar.