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Salli Systems / Easydoing Oy (“Salli”) gives a warranty for new products as follows: 10 years for the saddle chairs (except Salli Light and Salli Slim models 5 years); 5 years for Salli Paddler; 2 years for tables, accessories, Salli Riding Pad and Salli Beanbag; and 1 year for Salli Driver.

Salli Systems / Easydoing Oy (“Salli”) gives a warranty for used products as follows: 5 years for the saddle chairs (except Salli Light and Salli Slim models 1 year);  and 1 year for tables, accessories, Salli Riding Pad and Salli Beanbag.

The warranty from the date of purchase of the Salli product (“Product”), for any structural defect in the Product or a fault in its materials or assembly, which arise during regular and normal indoor use of the Product (“Defect”).

Any claim for Defect under this warranty must be made in writing to Salli immediately and in no case later than within seven (7) days from the date the distributor/end user became or should have become aware of the Defect. Any claims not made within said time-period will be null and void. The date of the purchase must be verified by the serial number of the Product and the receipt of the end user or book keeping of the distributor or Salli. The warranty time (2–10 years) is determined by the date of purchase.

The warranty given by Salli does not cover damage or faults caused by:

  1. any leather damaging liquids
  2. chair falling on the floor or dropping (see photos below)
  3. abrasion against hard, rough or sharp objects that leaves marks
  4. piercing or impressions made by sharp objects
  5. normal wear and tear
  6. pets
  7. any amendment or alteration made to the Product whatsoever by or at the request of distributor or end user
  8. any parts or objects other than those approved by Salli in writing prior to assembly used in the Product or in any way attached to the Product

Pictures of upholstery material breakage of fallen chairs. The upholstery material may not be tearing immediately after the blow, but later when the chair is being used. However, the fall or impact has caused the damage and therefore the warranty does not cover it.

Distributor/end user shall send, at their cost, the defective Product to Salli’s factory in Rautalampi, Finland or to Salli’s warehouse or other place mutually agreed upon between the parties. Upon arrival of the defective Product, Salli shall inspect the Product without any delay.

Distributor/end user may also make a written description about the defected part and take a photo about it and send this material directly to Salli by mail or e-mail. Salli may also pay for the transportation of the defected part/product once it has verifed that the defect is covered by the warranty. The repaired or replaced Product will be returned to the distributor or the end user by Salli.

Should the Product not be defective or the Defect not be covered by this warranty, the distributor/end user shall reimburse to Salli reasonable costs for the inspection of the Product and possible shipments.

Should it be unreasonably expensive or impractical to send the defective Product to Salli factory or to clear the warranty coverage by written or picture materials, the Defect must be verifed by an impartial expert who is agreed on by Salli and distributor/end user for his warranty to be valid.

When the warranty coverage is clear according to the fore said measures, Salli may also send the replacement parts to the distributor/end user. The warranty of Salli does not cover the work or costs of assembly of the spare parts, or disassembly of the old parts, on behalf of the end user or distributor but will provide them with adequate written or oral instructions.

Salli’s limited warranty is in lieu of all other warranties whether written, oral, express or implied. The distributor’s/end user’s sole claim is for repair or replacement, at Salli’s sole discretion, of any defective Product covered by the warranty.

Salli shall not be responsible for any indirect, consequential, incidental or punitive damages or lost profts or loss of goodwill. Salli does not make and hereby disclaims any other warranty, statutory or otherwise, express or implied with respect to the Product including, without limitation, any warranty of ftness for a particular purpose or merchantability. However, this Product Warranty does not and is not intended to limit the rights that consumers may have under mandatory law. Distributor shall be responsible for, and Salli shall have no obligation to honour, any warranties that Distributor or any of its sub distributors or any other third party, as the case may be, provides to its customers and/or end-users with respect to the Product that are in addition to, or inconsistent with, the warranties provided by Salli in this Agreement.