Ideal support for precision work in which the working positions change and versatile support is needed for the upper body.


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Product description

Allround is excellent for dentists, dental surgeons or dental assistants. It moves all around the chair and can be used in the front, back and both sides. It can act as a support for one hand or both hands, or as a stretching support. The support also revolves around its own axis.

Support can be changed from left-handed to right-handed and vice versa by attaching the adjustment mechanism to the other end of the support. Allround is attached to the gas cylinder of the chair, so it can be used with all Salli chair models.

  • Seats SwingFit, Small SwingFit, Swing, MultiAdjuster, Small MultiAdjuster, Twin, or Classic
  • Support arch length approx. 61 cm, width approx. 8.5 cm
  • Support upholstered with leather, artificial leather, or fabric, see colour chart
  • Warranty 2 years

Please note! With the Allround support, the chair cannot be adjusted as low as it could be without the support.

370,00  You can also pay in installments, from only 50 € / month incl. vat

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