Elmo Strong Cleaner

Elmo cleaning foam (400 ml).

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Product description

Seats can be cleaned with Elmo foam and sponge. Foam the leather, let the foam stay for a couple of minutes and wipe away. Weight 0.5 kg.

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Représentante de la Sécurité

HögforsGST est pionnier dans l’industrie des métaux lourds à utiliser les sièges Salli Saddle pour améliorer le bien-être du personnel. Les sièges Salli permettent d’adopter facilement une position ergonomique. Notre expérience est clairement positive.

Un jour de congé maladie coûte à l’employeur environ 350-400 euros. La direction de l’entreprise a compris que le fait d’investir dans des sièges serait rapidement rentable, dès la première année d’utilisation.

Les premiers sièges ont été attribués aux personnes souffrant de douleurs lombaires. Les individus qui souffraient auparavant de gênes après leur journée de travail ne ressentent désormais plus aucune douleur.

Salli Systems dispose de plusieurs bonnes solutions pour la production industrielle. Les sièges sont dotés de revêtements protégés contre les étincelles, et l’un des modèles est spécialement conçu pour les postes de soudage, dans lesquels les poignets doivent disposer d’un support. C’était génial, car nous avons besoin de souder des tuyaux de différentes tailles. Lorsqu’il est assis sur le siège Salli, le soudeur n’a pas besoin de réfléchir aux positions de travail à adopter, et peut se concentrer sur la soudure. Le travail était plus efficace et le dos ne présentait pas de sensation d’engourdissement.

Le Stretching Support était également un point positif pour nous, car il rendait la posture un peu plus légère. Salli est également dotée de grandes roulettes dures, parfaites pour les unités de production industrielle. Nous disposons de machines de différentes hauteurs, mais Salli a pu offrir des solutions d’assise parfaites pour chaque hauteur, et même une chaise pour un utilisateur particulièrement lourd (plus de 120 kg).

Les solutions Salli sont idéales pour le secteur des métaux lourds, une industrie dans laquelle une partie du travail doit être réalisée assis. Le résultat est vraiment différent lorsque nous appliquons la technique moderne à la position assise. Les gens sont assis dans une bonne position, et même ceux qui ont tendance à avoir le dos voûté apprennent à se tenir droit.

Petri Komppa, HögforsGST
Leppävirta, Finlande

Company doctor

Because of its special construction, the saddle chair offers advantages for the assembly area. In activities that require frequent change of positions, the employees (assuming the work area has level floors without tripping hazard) can shift to several different positions without difficulty and therefore use their musculoskeletal system variably during assembly activities by assuming different postures.

Observations at a pre-assembly workstation in the construction vehicle industry (asphalt paver) showed that a change between, e.g. a half-sitting position (on the Salli Saddle Chair) and a standing position, permitted continuation of the activity at the same work height in different positions using different muscle groups, thereby preventing the effects of forced postures, such as those resulting from standing up continuously. These advantages were confirmed by various older employees (50 years and older), as well as by younger employees with intervertebral disk-related ailments, the latter caused in part by the fact that they were standing for long periods of time.

In another case, an insurance company became involved in procuring the Salli Saddle Chair for an employee with significant limitations of the musculoskeletal system (chronic polyarthritis in the intertarsal joints). The work involved taking a part from a pallet cage, inserting it into a press, then removing the item and depositing it into another pallet cage. It was only possible to do this standing up, due to the relatively large range of mobility, but with the Salli Saddle Chair it could be performed sitting down or – if so desired – by switching between sitting and standing up, which relieves the strain on the intertarsal joints in particular. Full-time work was therefore possible again.

These positive evaluations in individual cases can easily be seen as improvement in the work stages in terms of occupational medicine.

The Salli chair offers flexible motion sequences, which probably could not be achieved by the usual rolling stools or other sit-stand furniture currently on the market. In addition, the “riding position” on the Salli chair promotes a healthy spine position.

In cases of rehabilitation where there is a danger of an employee losing his or her job, the situation can be resolved by using this chair. Insurance company, or other authorities, should not be forgotten, if they provide compensation.

Dr Gerald Müller-Silvergieter
Oldenburg, Germany


Due to a serious prostate disease, it was not possible for me to participate in working life as a carpenter, since I had considerable pain when sitting. We sit a lot at our workplace.

Therefore, the German pension insurance granted me a Salli Saddle Chair (chair model: Salli Twin with a stretching support).

The two-part seat, the inclination adjustment and the stretching support help me a lot. After only 3–4 months since starting using the Salli Saddle Chair, I am pleased and very happy to be able to participate in working life again, and now without pain.

Northern Germany

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Tomi Seppälä


I have been using a Salli Saddle Chair since 2007, and I just bought my third Salli. I’m very pleased with the chairs and we use them daily daily; actually we only sit on anything else during coffee breaks.

There is a lot to do in industrial ergonomics. I’m happy to invest in it because I can immediately see the increase in work productivity and the decrease in sick leaves. Even though I only employ two people I believe that an investment in ergonomics will be worthwhile. Besides, it’s nice to work when you have a comfortable chair.

All our chairs have the two-part seat which is very important in this male-dominated field. Also our guys can keep their good posture for the whole day, because the chair does not press the crotch and they do not have to round the lower back to avoid the uncomfortable pressure, not even when they are bending forward.

Lilli Asikainen, Entrepreneur, Tigger
Sastamala, Finland