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Gives support in high workstations.

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Ideal for customer service desks or for cashiers. Only recommended for temporary use. Weight 2 kg.

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I’m a dental surgeon in clinical practice for the last 33 years. I’ve been a proud owner and user of Salli Saddle stools since 2014-2015. Ever since I’ve started using these stools, their superb ergonomic design has been instrumental in reducing my back problems and plantar fascistic problems to negligible levels. Most dentists don’t realise the professional hazard of working in a sitting position, and with the wrong posture, which places an immense strain on the posterior chain of muscles. The unique and intelligent design of the Salli saddle automatically corrects the slouch that one adopts on a conventional working stool. This is my third Salli saddle and I’m delighted with them. At the end of a grueling 8-10 hour day, I’m fatigue and pain free

Dr. Jayanto Mukherji
Mumbai, India

Practice and sit for a few hours put stress on my back. Moreover, many colleagues have experienced back problems. Therefore, I chose to move my back on a bench that is comfortable and can protect me from injury. As a Salli user, I am very satisfied with this bench. Salli, sit happy, work happy.

Dr.William Tanzil, Sp Pro

I’ve had Salli since 2005, but for some reason I started using another chair and my back started to ache. I became stiff and felt like an old woman. Massage did not help. I started using my old Salli again and my problems disappeared. I thought the problems were due to my new patient chair but it was simply my chair.

Carin Martin
Karlstad, Sweden

I bought two Salli SwingFits with Allround armrests last year. Both I and my receptionist are very pleased with this chair because it gives so much variation. I myself use the armrest in front of or behind me when I talk to the patients and as a side support when I work in the patient’s mouth. I can really recommend this combination to others.

Peter Danielsson
Karlskrona, Sweden

A number of my staff – dentists, dental hygienists and dental assistants – in my dental practice have suffered back pain at work. We have purchased a number of Salli seats over the years (more and more staff requesting them over other dental stools available) and these have enabled the staff to work their shifts pain-free; happy staff = great team morale! Highly recommend these chairs to anyone suffering back issues!

Dr Nicholas Baveas

I purchased my Salli Swingfit 4 years after graduating dentistry as I was having some upper and lower back issues and could feel that my posture was poor at work. My only regret is not having purchased the chair sooner to prevent these issues from arising in the first place! It is a very comfortable chair and of high quality. Since purchasing the chair I have also fallen pregnant and I think working pregnant would have been even more uncomfortable if I did not have this chair and I have been able to work up until almost full term without any issues. I highly recommend the Salli products.


I have a bad back and cervical spondylitis. I had a lot of trouble as you would assume and looked at my options. Used the Bambach chair, a very well built chair but extremely heavy and cumbersome. I got a Salli, the very basic version in 2012 and have said goodbye to lower back troubles. This new one I just got has the new wheels and is a treat to use. I will be ordering the new wheels for the older chair as welll. Highly recommended to anyone working as dentists technicians.

Gaurav Grewal

I chose salli because it is the best chair that makes me sit straight while I am working. Especially while working with a 5a microscope.I t was very easy to start using Salli. I recomend it to all my dentist colleagues.

Dr. Silvi

I had problems with lockups and cricks in my back and neck. They been virtually absent after I started using Salli Swing two years ago.

Female dentist
Tønsberg, Norway

Having spent almost 20 years practicing dentistry, my back was starting to become an issue. Over the years I have tried every other saddle seat on the market, and though they afforded my back some relief, there was considerable discomfort associated with the seat itself and lack of tilt in these chairs. After much research I found the perfect chair – the Salli seat. Initially I was looking at importing this directly from Europe, but to my delight Fairway did all the hard work. The split seat which is unique to the Salli Saddle Chair means that I can sit comfortable for hours and the range of movement means that I can sit in almost any position for an extended length of time. We started with two chairs ten months ago, we now have four.

Dr Lan Tran, Dream Dental
Holland Park, Australia

Before I used Salli, I had lower back problems due to normal chairs not suitable or supportive. I started to use Salli Saddle 2009 and never looked back. No more back or shoulder problems.

Mr G. Laker, Ladhope Vale Dental Practice
Galashiels, Great Britain

I have been using Salli Saddle Chair for many years, and it gives me a better working position and less fatigue both in my back and my legs. In addition to that, the chair enables the user to move around the patient easily and freely.

Dr Pierre Henrio, Dental clinic SCM Apolline
Sainte-Hermine, France

Dental hygienist

I’ve been using a Salli saddle chair for 20+ years. This has been the reason why I’ve been able to practice in my dental hygiene profession more than 32 years. This has been undoubtedly one of the best purchases I have ever made. Thank you for engineering this fine piece of equipment. Too bad more people do not invest in their bodies, enabling better ergonomics in the profession with longer careers.

Registered Dental Hygienist
Palm Harbor, USA

I am really thrilled with my Salli Classic Stool, which I purchased approximately ten years ago after having back surgery. I have been a dental hygienist for 29 years and I truly believe the Sallli Saddle Stool enables me to continue my long career. For the first nineteen years I had horrible posture and neck pain. Now I sit straight and can also reach the patients’ mouths better since I am sitting higher. I carry my “saddle” to each dental office! It has saved my career, not to mention my back and neck!

I am also a dressage rider, and I must say that the Salli Saddle Stool truly puts one in the correct dressage position. It thrills me that I can perfect my dressage position while working on teeth!

Renee’ Sclafani
Tierra Verde, Florida, USA