Salli Care MultiAdjuster

Enjoy both width and tilt adjustments.

IMPORTANT! All products / models / colours are not available in all countries. Check the availability with your local dealer.

Product description

The ergonomic seat of ecological Salli Care MultiAdjuster consists of four pieces of leather, with fine stitching in between; slices are left over from the production of other chair models. Plastic base. The chair is always black, and it can also be equipped with an aluminium base. Warranty 10 years.

The normal size seat gives good support, and thus feels more comfortable, also for people who have broader pelvis. This is especially the case if their muscles are flexible. The smaller model, Salli Care Small MultiAdjuster, is liked especially by people with narrow pelvis. Also if you have tight muscles around the hips and/or relatively short legs the smaller seat might feel more comfortable for you to use.

These accesories can be attached to Salli Care MultiAdjuster: Allround, Top & Bottom, Foot Support, Foot.

695,00  incl. 24 % vat

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