Salli Driver

Salli Driver is an excellent support for the back in cars, trains, airplanes – basically in any vehicle where the existing seats are not comfortable and healthy.


All products / models / colours are not available in all countries. Check the availability with your local dealer.

Product description

When sitting on Salli Driver the sitting pressure is on sitting bones, not on back thighs which is the case on traditional seats. The front of the seat does not press the hollows of the knees, and this improves circulation and lymph flow.

We do not recommend Salli Driver for persons taller than 190 cm. The seat of Salli Driver lifts you up a couple of centimetres so make sure that you have enough space for your head. Often car seats can be adjusted lower. If there is not enough space in height, you can still use the back support. Maximum load 120 kg.

  • Leather, see colour chart
  • Backrest strap fastened with a fast buckle, seat and backrest fastened to each other with velcro tape
  • Weight 2 kg
  • Dimensions: length 55 cm, width 31 cm, thickness 8 cm (when packed)
  • Warranty 1 year

260,00  You can also pay in installments, from only 50 € / month incl. vat

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