Salli Nature Swing (L)

Leftover leather gets a new life as a stylish seat.

Ecological, left-over leather icon Ecological, left-over leather
Swinging seat icon Swinging seat
Fixed seat width icon Fixed seat width

Product description

The seat of the ecological Salli Nature Swing consists of four pieces of leather, with fine stitching in between. Slices are left over from the production of other chair models.

The swing mechanism can be adjusted, to be either rather stiff or to swing more freely. The width of the seat cannot be adjusted.

You can strengthen the muscles in the lower back and stomach by exercising on the chair, and the seat follows your movements when you bend forward or reach for something. The two-part seat doesn’t cause uncomfortable pressure, so you can keep your back straight and the position upright also when sitting for a long time.


Three tips to good position

  • Sit high enough to have a 135 degree angle in the knees, and between the thighs and the upper body
  • Sit on the back of the chair – if you sit too much in the front the chair feels uncomfortable
  • Keep your feet on the sides, and firmly on the floor

695,00  You can also pay in installments, from only 50 € / month incl. vat

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