Salli Nature

Ecological model, made of leftover leather. Choose fixed (595 €) or adjustable width (695 €).

Product description

The seat of Salli Nature consists of four pieces of leather, with fine stitching in between; slices are left over from the production of other chair models. The natural rough character of real leather stands out well in Nature chairs, as the occasional marks from horsefly bites to bigger scars tell about a life lived, making each chair unique. As much as 85–95 % of the base material is recycled aluminium. You can choose the seat of Salli Nature out of six options.

Swinging of tilting model?

The swinging model adds movement into your day, strengthens your deep core muscles, and increases metabolism, helping you to stay healthy.

The tilting model. Tilt the chair slightly forward to get your pelvis in its neutral position which keeps your back in a natural healthy posture. Tilt the chair slightly backwards to avoid excessive lordosis which is common among people with hypermobile joints.

Swinging seats

Swing – fixed width
SwingFit – adjustable width, the chair is adjustable according to your own preferences.
Small SwingFit – adjustable width, 6 cm narrower than SwingFit. Suitable also for children.

Tilting seats

Twin – fixed width
MultiAdjuster – adjustable width, the chair is adjustable according to your own preferences.
Small MultiAdjuster – adjustable width, 6 cm narrower than MultiAdjuster. Suitable also for children.

All models

  • Two-part seat
  • Black A2 quality leather
  • Hand controlled height adjustment with gas spring
  • Black gas spring
  • Black Ø 540 mm aluminium base
  • Ø 65 mm standard castors
  • Maximum load 120 kg
  • Weight 11 kg
  • Warranty 10 years

595,00  You can also pay in installments, from only 50 € / month incl. vat

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