Salli Small SwingFit

For you who want a narrower two-part saddle chair where you can adjust the width of the seat and get more activity into your day.

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Product description

Salli Small SwingFit is liked especially by people with narrow pelvis. Also if you have tight muscles around the hips and/or relatively short legs the smaller seat might feel more comfortable for you to use. People with broader pelvis usually feel more comfortable on the normal Salli SwingFit seat, as it gives them more support. This is especially the case if their muscles are flexible.

Why swing?
Strengthens your deep core muscles and increases metabolism, helping you to stay healthy.

Why width adjustment?
The chair is adjustable according to your own preferences.

Why two-part seat?
The two-part saddle chair provides an unburdened, standing-like, and active way to sit in balance. The angle and design of the seat makes the pelvis rotate neutrally forward and holds up the spine and upper body naturally without muscle effort. You sit in good posture and have good circulation all day because there is neither heat nor harmful pressure on the genital area, away from which you otherwise lean.

  • Ergonomically shaped, two-part active seat, 6 cm narrower than in Salli SwingFit
  • Seat width adjustment
  • Leather, see colour chart
  • Hand controlled height adjustment with gas spring, metallic or black
  • Ø 560 mm Salli Base with massage knobs, metallic or black. You can also choose a Ø 540 base.
  • Maximum load 120 kg
  • Weight 10 kg
  • Warranty 10 years

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899,00  You can also pay in installments, from only 50 € / month incl. vat

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