Salli Work Desk & Saddle Chair

Good sitting position also in the home office. Package price from 560 € for Salli Work Desk and a saddle chair of your choice.

Product description

The design of the chair makes sitting comfortable and lets the pelvis be in the good standing position. The upright posture lets breathing and intestine function properly, and the gap in the seat maintains good genital and inner pelvic health. Natural posture, no back and shoulder pain.

Chair options; the price is for the table and chair: Salli Light Basic (560 €), Salli Slim Basic (560 €), Salli Care Swing (855 €), black Salli SwingFit (910 €).

Salli Work Desk

  • easy and quick height adjustment by a gas spring
  • height adjustment from a sitting first grader to a standing adult (64–107 cm)
  • doesn’t need a large space (93 x 70 cm)
  • white or black frame, white table top
  • warranty for the table two years, Salli Light and Slim 5 years, Salli Care and Salli SwingFit 10 years

560,00  incl. 24 % vat

Delivery: 7-14 business days >>
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