Some of my patients suffer from head, neck and back pains that in many cases are related to sitting. Long lasting static load creates strain on the spine, back muscles, and ligaments. These tissues overstrain, loose their tone, and cause improper posture. Sitting for extended periods of time in an improper position also creates pressure on the respiratory system, other internal organs, blood circulation, and lymphatic systems.

It is important that our sitting should be as conscious and dynamic as possible. Height-adjustable desks stimulate dynamic sitting by making it possible to alternate sitting and standing throughout the day. While searching for solutions that would promote the correct and optimal sitting position I have discovered that a saddle chair is one of the most effective solutions.

Saddle chair allows distributing the load between the spine, hips and legs, By using this type of chair, at the correct sitting height, we help our bodies to maintain the physiological curve of the spine, and to keep our back, hips and leg muscles active. Some saddle chair models have an adjustable space between the two parts of the seat, which is important for the male sexual anatomy. Moreover, it is possible to easily adapt the chair to the anatomy of narrow or wide hips and coccyx.

The overall effect is also very beneficial, because it eases breathing, relaxes muscles and diaphragm, as well as helps to get rid of health disorders caused by an improper sitting posture. All these advantages are combined in Salli chairs.

Žilvinas Kasteckas, M.D., D.O.