By sitting on a saddle chair like the Salli chair, I avoid problems between the shoulder blades, in the lumbar spine and suffering from buffalo hump. I feel that I get a good posture in the body as the chair is designed as it is. With the ergonomically designed two-part seat, the pelvis can be rotated slightly forward, as in standing, which means that my back retains its natural curve and the head falls into a straight vertical line with the back, hip and heel, when seen from the side. In other words, just as an ergonomic work chair should be.

Lotta Fallenius, Workhealth Physiotherapist

Further information: OMT Physiotherapist Nina Saarikivi / INTO Terveys

I had the opportunity to test Salli Swing at Sjukgymnastdagarna in Göteborg, Sweden. I thought that I was already sitting right, but because I sit so much in my work I was ready to try changing my office chair to Salli Swing. I used to have a 12 years old traditional office chair that had a lot of adjustments to make sitting ergonomic and good, but I don’t always live like I preach as a physiotherapist. I often sat in a bad position, which resulted in a tired lower back and affected the wellbeing of my whole body.

Now that I’m using Salli Swing I seem to be more active while sitting. There was a certain adjustment period in the beginning, but now it feels all right. My back feels better and I have started using my height-adjustable table more, and even work standing at times. I vary positions between sitting and standing, thanks to the new chair.

I can really recommend this chair.

Linköping, Sweden