Dr Jayanto Mukherji

I’m a dental surgeon in clinical practice for the last 33 years. I’ve been a proud owner and user of Salli Saddle stools since 2014-2015. Ever since I’ve started using these stools, their superb ergonomic design has been instrumental in reducing my back problems and plantar fasciitis problems to negligible levels. Most dentists don’t realise the professional hazard of working in a sitting position, and with the wrong posture, which places an immense strain on the posterior chain of muscles. The unique and intelligent design of the Salli saddle automatically corrects the slouch that one adopts on a conventional working stool. This is my third Salli saddle and I’m delighted with them. At the end of a grueling 8-10 hour day, I’m fatigue and pain free.

Dr Jayanto Mukherji, 17.02.2021, Mumbai, INDIA