Safety representative

HögforsGST is a pioneer in heavy metal industry when it comes to using Salli Saddle Chairs to improve staff wellbeing. On Salli chairs it is easy to sit in an ergonomic position. Our experience is clearly positive.

One day of sick leave costs the employer about 350–400 euros. The management realized that the investment in the seats would pay for itself many times over already during the first year.
The first chairs were given to people who had problems with their lower backs. Those who usually suffered from inconvenience and pain after work now felt no pain at all.

Salli Systems has several good solutions for the manufacturing industry. The chairs have spark protected upholstery, and one model is especially designed for welding where support is needed for the wrists. This was brilliant because we have to weld pipes of different sizes. The welder can sit on a Salli without having to think about the posture and can concentrate on the seam. Work is efficient, and the back will not become stiff or numb.

Stretching Support has also been good for us because it makes maintaining the position little easier. Salli also has large hard castors that work well in our industrial production halls. We have machines of different heights, but Salli could offer the perfect chair solutions for each height and also a chair for very heavy users (over 120 kg).

Salli’s solutions are ideal for heavy metal industry, where part of the work must be done in sitting position. There really is a difference in the result when we use modern and ergonomic furniture. One sits in the correct position and even those with a hunched posture learned to sit right.

Petri Komppa
Leppävirta, Finland, 14.2.2014