People spend half of their lives sitting, and today everyone knows the basic problems it causes.

However, the sitting-related health of men has not been discussed much, despite the obvious fact that traditional sitting causes severe problems both to the male body and the quality of life.

Salli honours
the greatness
of a man.

Stay true to your nature

Sexual health

It´s crucial to avoid pelvic floor compression that disturbs the circulation of genitalia and prostate. Let the circulation flow by sitting on a two-part Salli seat that is designed to respect men’s pelvic health.


Keep your instincts sharp, and let good posture in upper back and neck take fuel to your brain. Oxygen is our key driver to stay alert.

Back health

Stay strong and live life at full pace without compromises. Correct alignment in spine removes causes for back problems, and active sitting serves as a rehabilitation.


Straight back, upright chest. Good posture embodies attractiveness, strength and good self-esteem.

Salli has been involved in sitting health research and education for decades, and Salli Saddle Chairs have been developed together with physiotherapists. No compromises, just the best possible sitting.

Embrace your inner warrior – try Salli

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