Salli Systems and SELKA Oy start cooperation


Salli Systems, the developer of the sitting concept based on saddle chairs, and SELKA Oy, a manufacturer of office furniture and especially known for its adjustable desks, have started cooperating.

At the beginning of September, Finland’s biggest daily newspaper Helsingin Sanomat reported on SELKA from Nastola, Southern Finland, whose sales of adjustable desks started to rise enormously during the corona pandemic thanks to their efficient online shop. Salli became interested in this success story and decided to find out how they did it. As a result of the discussions, SELKA’s tables are now on display in Salli’s shworoom in the Mall of Tripla in Helsinki, and Salli’s most versatile saddle chair, Salli SwingFit, is coming to SELKA’s online store, mainly for foreign market.

– SELKA’s conveniently sized adjustable tables and Salli’s two-part swinging saddle chairs are an unbeatable combination. Both are good for the back, and thanks to their good working position, they keep the level of alertness and productivity at a good level at home as well, says Antti Ritvonen, CEO of Salli Systems.

Finnish success stories

Salli Systems has been manufacturing saddle chairs for 30 years in Rautalampi, Northern Savonia. Over the years, product development and user feedback have made Salli Saddle Chair the healthiest office chair on the market.

SELKA Oy, on the other hand, is the successor to the Selka furniture factory, which has been manufacturing furniture since 1985 and is now operated by five new entrepreneurs, former employees, with decades of work experience. The design of desks began last spring, when CEO Juha Nevalainen was contacted by a friend who needed a desk suitable for home use. When the product was completed, corona struck, and suddenly the conditions for a success story were ready.

Salli Saddle Chairs were already familiar to the SELKA employees, and many of them have turned out to be true Salli fans. It was easy to start cooperating.

– We have used Salli chairs in the factory, for welding, and in offices since the 1990s. Salli and SELKA have both always designed long-lasting and high-quality products for demanding professional use. Now, with the online SELKAstore, we are starting to help people build ergonomic workstations at home. Our goal is to find consumers directly around the world, says Juha Nevalainen.

Salli SwingFit and SOPIVA table are a match made in heaven.

Bold Finnish entrepreneurs

Salli Systems and SELKA are united by courage and unyieldingness: SELKA started investing heavily in e-commerce at the moment when the society was closing, while Salli Systems has always innovated open-mindedly and believing in its own vision. Both companies believe in Finnish work, quality and the careful finishing of products. In addition, both are strongly seeking growth from abroad.

The main idea of ​​both SELKA and Salli is to understand the needs of customers. Especially now that the home has become the workplace for so many people, there is a need for conveniently sized and functional furniture that does not need to be cleaned out of sight at the end of the day. Both SELKA’s small tables and Salli’s easily movable saddle chairs also work in the home for purposes other than just as a workstation.

Further information: Antti Ritvonen, antti(at), +358 50 3120 853