About distance work ergonomics

The 90/90 degree sitting position has been found to be ineffective because of the poor back, shoulder and neck health

For distance work, in which the expectation of profit is thousands every day, a small adjustable table and saddle chair are an extremely profitable and sensible choice. One can get them even from some quality brands for two or three hundred euros.

The healthiest and most productive chair is a swinging, two-part and anatomically correctly designed saddle chair and an elbow pad accessory that is attached to the edge of the table.

The saddle chair produces a good posture and thus a healthy back, deeper breathing, better intestinal health and better blood circulation to the brain, while the middle gap gives a more comfortable sitting position where the pelvic and genital health is also in order.

An extra keyboard, a docking station and an additional monitor that cost less than € 100 are also essential tools. Equipped in this way, the distance worker stays fit and works and produces efficiently, which is profitable for the employer too.

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