Why should I sit on a saddle chair and not on a traditional office chair?

When sitting on a saddle chair the spine is almost in the same position as when standing: there is a small curve in the lower back and the vertebrae is not pressing the disks. This position is natural and therefore easy to maintain. Sitting on a saddle chair reduces tensions in the back and sciatic-type pains, enhances circulation, makes breathing deeper, keeps the hip joint in the optimal 135 degree angle and makes it easy to move around on the chair. The two-part seat does not press the genital area, which is beneficial to genital health. More information on the effects of riding-like sitting.

Why is there no backrest in the Salli Saddle Chair? Will the back not get tired?

In riding-like sitting the posture of the back is automatically correct and therefore there is no need for a backrest. The pelvis is in the correct position, which makes keeping the back upright as easy as if we were standing or walking; we do not need any backrest when we are standing either. In a chair with a backrest the thighs and upper body form a steep 90-degree angle, which makes the pelvis tilt backwards. Then the back becomes rounded, the position makes the back tired, and that makes us lean on the table and round the back even more.

Is it possible to sit on a Salli Saddle Chair for the whole day?

Yes, on a two-part saddle chair you can. In the riding-like sitting position you feel good and energetic, both at work and in leisure. On a saddle chair it is possible to tilt the pelvis forward, which makes a natural curve in the lower back. Because of the gap the chair does not press the genital area, and thus there is no need to tilt the pelvis back, away from the pressure. Tilting the pelvis back makes the back round, which is very harmful for the disks and the overall health of the lower back.

Why is it difficult to sit on a Salli Saddle Chair in the beginning?

The sitting position differs a lot from that on a traditional chair. Instead of being passive the muscles work actively. You may have sore muscles and tissues after starting a new sports; the same happens when you start sitting in the new way. The sitting bones carry the weight of the upper body, and that may make the buttocks feel sore. Some people get used to the new sitting position in days; for others it may take months.

Why does the chair feel hard?

If the chair feels hard around the sitting bones it may be too high for you. Then the whole weight of the upper body is on the sitting bones. It is best to sit with feet firmly on the ground because then the feet carry part of the weight. Be aware of not adjusting the chair too low, as then you may tilt your pelvis backwards and that rounds the back into a bad position. The chair may also feel hard if you sit too far front. Your buttocks should be right at the edge of the chair. Then you can tilt the pelvis forward, which improves your position. If you work in front of a table for long periods of time the table should have a socket. That enables you to keep the arms close to the body, and part of the weight of the upper body to rest on elbows.

Why is there a gap in the middle of Salli Saddle Chairs?

The patented gap enables you to tilt the pelvis into the natural standing posture without feeling pressure in the genital area. On a one-part saddle chair the sitter often moves the feet forward to reduce pressure and warmth on the genital area, and ends up with a rounded back. In addition to the chair being more comfortable to sit on, the gap improves the genital health of both genders through improved circulation and nerve functions. The gap also makes the chair cool and well ventilated.

Why does Salli need to be accompanied by a higher-than-normal table?

On Salli you sit 15–20 cm higher than on a traditional chair. The natural curve is possible when both the knee angle and the angle between the thighs and the body is 135 degrees, and that happens automatically in riding-like sitting. We highly recommend an electrically adjustable table, or at least a table that is higher than normal, to be used with Salli Saddle Chairs. Only then can you fully benefit from the chair. An electrically adjustable table can be individually adjusted for sitting and standing, reading and writing, and according to the times of the day.

Can the swing mechanism in the Swing and SwingFit models be locked?

The mechanism cannot be locked into a specific position. The active seat follows the movements of the body and activates the deep back muscles. The swing is not as mobile as one could imagine and it does not move by itself; it only follows your movements.

Should I sit lower on an active chair than on other models?

On the active chairs you sit a bit lower than on other models, because the feet need to be firmly on the ground and the knees need to be elastic. If you are sitting too high the chair feels shaky. It is advisable to get used to the chair by sitting quite a bit lower than you would normally sit on a saddle chair. When you get used to the movement you can adjust the chair a little higher.

Is the swing mechanism equally stiff in all models?

Salli Swing and Salli SwingFit come with a tool that can be used to adjust the stiffness of the mechanism. It can also be adjusted with a 24 mm wrench. See how to adjust the swing mechanism.

The leather upholstery makes me sweat – is fabric upholstery available? Can I have the chair re-upholstered?

In a two-part seat, the leather upholstery should not make you sweat. When sitting on a one-part chair the air cannot circulate under the buttocks and that makes one sweat. To avoid this, one tends to change the position constantly and often ends up in a position that is bad for the back. The chair can also be made of artificial leather, or you can buy a cotton seat cover from our selection. The seat can also be upholstered with a fabric of your own, as long as the fabric is durable enough. An old chair can be re-upholstered; deliver the chair to your dealer for re-upholstering. See instructions for taking care of your Salli.

My new Salli chair just arrived. What tools do I need to assemble it?

Congratulations on your choice! You do not need tools to assemble the chair. The chair has only three parts and is very easy to assemble. You received an instruction manual with your chair; please read it carefully. If you got your chair in winter let the gas cylinder warm to room temperature before assembling the chair.

I have been using my Salli for ten years and I’m still happy with it. However, the castors are not as mobile as they used to be and moving around on the chair is difficult. What should I do?

The castors do get worn out in time. Often sand and dust between the floor and the castors wear them and cause the chair not to move easily. We recommend that you change the castors every five years to keep the chair rolling. Castors are available from your local Salli dealer.

The width adjustment in my MultiAdjuster/SwingFit is stuck. How do I release it?

If the adjustment mechanism is tight, rap it briskly with your palm a couple of times. Strike towards right when looking from behind the chair. When you lock the width, the lever does not need to be pressed tightly into the ultimate position; it is ok when it catches and the parts of the seat remain in place. Do not press the seat parts together with your thighs when the lever is locked because that may cause it to lock too tightly. Always get up from the chair to adjust the width.

Can I wear a skirt when sitting on a Salli Saddle Chair?

A tight skirt prevents you from sitting in the healthy riding-like position where the thighs should be in a 90 degree angle in relation to each other. A loose and stretchy skirt or a wraparound skirt facilitate the position in which it is possible to maintain good posture and a good feeling all day long. Clothes that are too tight are not recommended in sedentary work because they weaken circulation.

The chair is pressing the testicles uncomfortably; do I have a wrong chair model?

Men should definitely use the two-part Salli chairs. Because of the middle gap the chair does not press the genital area and therefore the circulation and nerve functions of the area are not disturbed. On a two-part chair men can also tilt the pelvis forward to create the curve in the lower back that enables good posture. In Salli SwingFit and Salli MultiAdjuster, the width of the gap is adjustable.

I have been using my Salli for a month and my buttocks still feel sore; what can I do?

Time makes even good positions poisonous, so the magic word is change: change your position, make use of the active seat of Swing models and work standing for a while. Test height, inclination and width adjustments to find the best ones for you. We cannot stand for hours on end in exactly the same position, and the same goes for sitting. What the body needs is movement. It may also be that it takes you a bit longer time to get used to the chair – do not give up!

Can I test the chair before buying it?

You can test the chair for a couple of weeks, especially if you have not used a saddle chair before. If you are an experienced saddle chair user you can test the Salli chair for a shorter period of time, or just start using the Salli chair without testing. Fill in the form Free trial and our Salli expert will contact you as soon as possible.

Are spare parts available for Salli chairs?

Yes, we have a wide selection of spare parts and accessories. Please contact your local dealer for spare parts.