How to affect testosterone health

Testosterone is strongly associated with a change in population behavior and is therefore important and interesting.

The so-called hormone disruption, that is, the entanglement of industrial molecules in the process of early development of the fetus, affects sexuality, genital health, reproductive function and reproduction.

Women who are planning pregnancy should avoid chemicals, makeup and plastic food containers very carefully.

More than 10 years ago, under the leadership of Danish professor Skattegak, researchers warned about these disturbances. The number of animal species living in water, such as frogs, has diminished. Hormonal and chemical wastewater and chemical runoff from fields change the organisms that come in contact with them.

Sitting also affects testosterone, 3/4 of which is produced in the testis and 1/4 in the adrenal glands. It has been declining in the population for some time. The entry level of a young man is important to his health, but his lifestyle also influence this.

The healthy state of the testicles is movement that activates fluid circulation due to the movement of the thighs. Without tight and too warm clothes, it is possible to keep your own testicle temperature at 33 degrees.

Tight underpants and trousers, combined with sitting, prevent heat regulation and important blood and lymphatic circulation to the testicles.

The sensible and healthiest thing to do is not to keep your cellphone in your trouser pocket, not to wear underpants, sit at work on a swinging two-part saddle chair and wear loose clothes, stand and move often. This is also a good prevention for prostate troubles.

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