How to get rid of children’s headaches

The most significant factor in the increase in children’s headaches is apparently the sharp increase in screen time and the very poor posture associated with cell phone use when the heavy head is hung down.

In this position, the neck muscles are tense thus blocking the large vessels that are tranferring blood to the brain and are situated just below those muscles. Impaired blood circulation in the brain leads to a slight lack of oxygen in the eyes as well, which gets worse when the face is facing downwards.

When the head and face are facing downwards, the jugular vein (jugularis interna) constricts and the blood pressure increases in the head. When one is older and the blood vessels in the brain are fragile, this position can even be fatal.

One senior acquaintance of mine had a severe but transient episode of unconsciousness while hanging his head in a hairdresser, and another fatal rupture of cerebral blood vessels in the same position in a hot where the heat was further raising his blood pressure.

Also children should have good ergonomics both at home and in school, with adjustable tables and saddle chairs, so that they could maintain a good posture also in the neck, in addition to the neck.

The collapse of amount and quality of both exercise and sleep also play a role in the increased headaches.

Harmful chemicals (400 legal additives) in fast food, junk food, and snacks, alone or in combination, have been shown to be factors that disturb the brain and thus increase headaches.

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