How to get rid of varicose veins without having an operation?

Operations are expensive, painful and do not remove the cause of varicose veins.

Varicose veins often come back and develop into leg ulcers.

First, you should know that the fluid circulation consists of both blood and lymphatic vessels, which are different parts of the same system. Ir you count also all the micro vessels, the lenght is almost half a million kilometers. The heart is pumping blood only in the arteries. Most of the fluids flow because of body movements in the delicate system. In a healthy fluid circulation system the micro vessels have a central role.

There are a number of ways in which fluid circulation can be enhanced and varicose veins treated effectively by oneself. The worst causes are obesity, standing, and ordinary sitting.

When standing, the leg muscles are tense and the fluids do not flow. The chair should be replaced immediately by a two-part swinging saddle chair that maintains the “micro movement”, does not press the inner thighs in the usual way, and on which the hip and knee angles are harmless 135 degrees.

It is also necessary to improve nutrition. Sugar and carbohydrates from refined cereals should be left out. Instead, eat vegetables (nuts, mushrooms, seeds, berries, fruits) a kilo a day. Nutrition should include a good amount of Omega 3 fat and vitamin D (100 mcg) every day. Certain herbs and functional spices increase fluid circulation; the same can be done by brushing the skin and using certain liniments.

It is advisable for those who have given birth to take a massage for removing subcutaneous scars from the lower abdomen.

It is important to only wear completely uncompressing clothes in your lower body (pantyhose, socks, shoes, underwear, tight pants, belts, etc.) that will leave no traces on the skin.

All the above-mentioned actions stop the typical tiring of legs, occurrence of varicose veins, and give a good deal of extra energy.

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