How to keep your eyes healthy

I know from experience that one can keep their eyes healthy and without glasses, even after you’ve turned 70, with good eye-health habits.

My eyes started to weaken as a teenager, but when I stopped reading lying on my stomach and improved my diet, the deterioration stopped. I didn’t need glasses.

Now I take 4 g of omega3 fat, 20 mg of lutein (also good for heart health), 1 mg of zeanxansanthin, 15 mg of zinc, 150 micrograms of vitamin D, a couple of dl of dark berries. In any case, my diet is very high in fiber and nutrients. I eat raw carrots (carotenoids), broccoli (various vitamins) and butter (vitamin A) daily.

I don’t stare at the phone for long, but do all online work using large quality monitors (3 pcs) that are quite far and on the eye level; the font is large. I exercise about 10 hours a week. I don’t read at night. I repeatedly let my eyes look into the distance during the day.

My special pillow does not press the veins in the neck at all, so the blood circulation into the head is not impaired as a result. I sit at my job on a two-part swiging saddle chair, keeping good posture and the jugular veins open and blood circulation to the head good.

I give my eyes two times a month an electronic acupuncture treatment that clearly refreshes them. I massage my eyes and their surroundings for a couple of seconds several times a day.

This program has kept my eyes healthy without need for glasses, the eye pressure is very low and there is no deterioration in the fundus.

Almost anyone can do the same.

General deterioration in eye-health habits cause a general collapse in eye-health, which degrades quality of life and increases the cost of medical treatment.

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