How to prevent and treat rectal prolapse?

Adding fiber to food from the average of approx. 13 grams to more than 50 grams speeds up the flow through the intestine, so that the contents of the intestine are moister, move more easily, and there will not be a bulging pressure when the content is too dry and therefore stops in the colon and rectum.

A glass of seed and berry smoothie, safely sweetened with plums and banana, 2 times a day, improves the composition of the intestinal contents. Eliminating wheat and sugar, or at least reducing their use, also helps considerably.

Sitting correctly on a swinging two-part saddle chair keeps the body in good posture all the time, which reduces harmful pressure in the abdominal-pelvic cavity and thus helps the bowel to function. This is also done by the even unconscious micro-movement caused by the chair when sitting, activating blood and lymph flow, bowel function, internal organs of the pelvis and all the tissues of the lower back.

The gap in the seat prevents, in addition to genital discomfort, the compression pressure of the usual chair cushions on the tissues of the pelvic opening upwards towards the inner pelvis, which in turn weakens fluid circulation and makes all the tissues and organs in the area sick.

Sitting habits, where you sometimes stand for short periods and move a couple of times an hour, and wear loose and airy clothes and underwear around the hips and, increase the benefits even more.

The inflammation of the intestine (often unconscious) reduces the quality of stool and increases stool leakage. Inflammation in the intestine also affects the function of the thyroid gland, which in turn easily increases weight gain and melancholy. Normalizing the weight would also be very beneficial.

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