Is exercising two times a week enough?

Musculoskeletal diseases are extremely common. There are about 800,000 people suffering from lower back pains in Finland, with huge medical and cost implications.

A total of about 23,000 surgeries of the large joints in the lower limbs and spinal surgeries of the same category are performed. Large musculoskeletal operations and treatments are, therefore, about half a billion expenditure. As much will be spent on long-term care, and losing the ability to work.

I, having bad joint genes myself, think that exercising twice a week is not enough at all. Articular cartilage and its fluid flow, metabolism, and activation needs should be cared for, by at least the middle-aged and elderly, with light exercise in the mornings and evenings. In addition, you need a heavy joint load a couple of times a week, such as volleyball, tennis, stair running or weightlifting.

It is crucial to eat plenty of nutrients that improve joint health and, in most cases, supplements to avoid the insidiously progressing joint decay. There are also many spices as well as herbal and medicinal plants that have an effect on joint health. Properly done rare acupuncture and magnetic treatments are also helpful.

A great degenerator in addition to immobility is poor posture and ergonomics. Even the young, not to mention the older and heavier, should sit in a good posture on a two-part swinging saddle chair, in front of an adjustable table, with their elbows supported and monitors almost at the eye level.

Due to the fluid circulation, all clothing should be uncompressing so that no marks remain on the skin. Repeated movement even during the working day is important for the joints.

Standing is bad for articular cartilage if you stand too much. Even light animals will lie down once they have stopped.

For all, prevention would be by far the best solution.

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