Should I fight covid-19 with masks or in some other way?

According to a recently published study, only expensive surgical masks are suitable and fabric masks almost ineffective. If the instructions are to change the mask every 30 minutes, one must ask whether the proper use of masks is reality anymore.

At the same time people are left without advice on how and why to keep the vitamin D level in their blood the same as it is after a holiday in the sun. Even though the sun was the biggest cause of the collapse of corona in early summer in Finland, as it is for flu viruses every summer. That’ swhy people are not so sick in the summer.

The effect of vitamin D on the immune system through so-called T killer cells is clear to top-notch immune experts, but why this guidance is not told to the general public? I recommend googling and familiarizing oneself with the various benefits of vitamin D.

In our companies, vitamin D (and other supplements) have been provided to staff for year-round use for years. The consequence is that we do not show flu waves at all in morbidity statistics, but usually only loose less than 2% of working time for sick leaves; which is very rare.

In addition, increased vitamin C and zink intake is good for immunity, as is improved fiber intake, better sleep, and increased exercise.

With all of the above mentioned ways it is possible to add the amount of those who don’t get corona even if they are exposed. This would be the cheapest and most effective corona strategy.

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